Ice Cream Parlor & Café – Franchising in Pakistan

International Franchise Opportunity

Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream Parlor & Cafe was founded in Australia in 1983, with its first shop built in Sydney. Now, it maintains presence all over Australia.

Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream Parlor & Cafe distinguishes itself from other concepts in the industry by continuing to carry out its original mission statement of ‘always providing every customer with the freshest product possible’.

Royal Copenhagen initially started as an ice cream parlor but soon, it became insanely famous for cafe products. Now, it serves breakfast items, desserts, and a range of hot and cold beverages in addition to its famous Danish styled ice cream and cones.

To maintain brand integrity, any product outside of the general product range offered, requires permission from Head Office. This ensures that across the globe, Royal Copenhagen outlets keep their consistency and provide a similar experience to all guests that expect a universal offer.

Now, it’s your turn to become partner of this ‘Legacy’ brand and benefit from its proven business model. Its quality premium products and personal touch will ensure an ‘Affordable Luxury’ for the customers.

Royal Copenhagen never leave its franchisees sail alone in the cyclone.Throughout the life of your franchise, the Head Office and the Directors of Royal Copenhagen remain available to assist you in each and every aspect of your business.

Pre-requisites for Franchisee

  1. Strong belief in ‘Royal Copenhagen’ brand
  2. Proven management capabilities
  3. High personal integrity & No criminal record
  4. Experience as a major brand developer
  5. Experience with eastern level food safety and quality assurance systems
  6. Strong, marketing oriented company involved in food related businesses
  7. Commit to understand & abide by the guidelines of the Royal Copenhagen franchise system and operation manuals

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