International Franchise Opportunity

An Australian owned and operated company that is giving juice lovers the ability to purchase their favorite juice or smoothie, anytime through a growing number of Kick Juice licensed stores. Broome_Picsi Kick! Juice Bars is the sub-brand of Go Sushi which has 48 outlets all across the world including Australia, Hong Kong, UAE, and Philippines. Kick! Juice Bars are all about life to help revive your body, mind and spirits. Every Kick Super Fresh Juice, Chilled Fruit Fusion and delicious Extra Kick Smoothie provide natural, low fat, liquid life. Kick! Juice Bars is committed to helping you, the franchisee, realize and achieve your full potential. It is dedicated to providing you with the skills, tools and know-how to perform. As part of the team you will benefit from the vast experience gained over years of brand building. It has the systems, technology, and ongoing support of marketing ideas, nutritional information and recipe development to give you the best chance of success. Now, it’s your turn to unleash the opportunity of becoming a part of this massively growing, internationally established company because it gives you all the plans, training and back up whenever you need it so that you could outperform the rest and secure maximum profits.

Pre-requisites for Franchisee

  1. Commit to the development of your business management skills
  2. Commit to understand & abide by the guidelines of the Kick! Juice Bars franchise system
  3. Have experience as a major brand developer
  4. Be self-motivated & hardworking to drive the success of your Kick! Juice Bars business
  5. Pledge to help innovate & grow the Kick! Juice Bars business both within your local area & on a national level
  6. Follow the Kick! Juice Bars franchise operations manuals & systems

If you would like to know more about the Kick! Juice Bars opportunity in Pakistan then simply fill in the details in the inquiry form above, or call us on 042-35793156.