"Reduce Wages
via iStaffing"

IStaffing in Australia
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"Reduce Wages via iStaffing"

Cost effective solution

Fulfill Your Dreams by hiring our I-Staff member. Now you don’t have to spend money on overhead cost of recruiting and hiring employees, the cost of having an office space, equipment, internet etc., rather you will be freed from the hassles of providing wages, insurance, health benefits and vacation pay. With our I-Staff member, work can also be done at a fraction of the cost your company would normally spend locally.


I-Staffing will allow you to maximize profits and provide excellent service to your customers with the least amount of resources. Critical business activities are fulfilled with speed, accuracy, and convenience. Results will be achieved effectively and efficiently through our I-Staff members. By making use of our I-Staffing services, you have enough time to focus on your business related projects. I-Staffing can help you in constructing the road to a flourishing business.


Distance is not a hindrance when you will be outsourcing our I-Staff member as you can reach them at any minute. Our I-Staffers can be located anywhere in the world with different time zones, culture and background. The distance and location is never an issue and excellent service will still be delivered anytime, anywhere. Our I-Staffers will remain in touch with you throughout the work process. Further to that, I-Staffing frees you from any long-term and financial commitments.