Do they speak English?
Yes, your I-Staff member does speak English. In fact, many of them have a more technical understanding of the English language than the average Australian. This means that your business will be represented in a truly professional manner.

How am I going to communicate with them?
You can communicate any way you like. The most successful business people communicate through video call, email and skype. Just think of them like a team member on another floor of your same building, one which you don't have time to go and visit.

What sort of qualifications will they have?
The most successful Business people know that they need to surround themselves with staff that are smarter than themselves. This is why they choose I-Staff. Because You can choose from employees with MBA's, MC's and many more Masters level qualifications for just $15,000 a year!

How does the hiring process work?
You let us know exactly what you are after. We will then advertise the position, short list applicants and then let you interview the final 4-5 to choose your favourite. Our expert HR team will then handle the paperwork, and they are all ready to work.

How do I know my I-Staff is actually working?
Just like you have office supervisors here in Australia, we have office managers in the I-Staff office. Their soul job is to keep your employees on task and on-time. If you have any concerns about your I-Staff's productivity, you can simply contact your Australian account manager and they will help you out.

How long does it take to get started?
Depending on your hiring criteria, you could be started in as little as 48 hours.

Can I change my I-Staff if I'm not happy?
Yes, you can. You're not stuck with the one I-Staff member that you have. It it's not working out for you, let us know and we will find someone else for you immediately.

Will my I-Staff member tell callers they are overseas?
Your I-Staff member will represent your business exactly how you ask them. You are in full control. If your office is in Sydney, for example, you may instruct your I-Staff member to say that they are currently in Brisbane. Or if you want a larger image they can be your "Trans-Indian" office. The choice is yours. Plus, your I-Staff's dedicated phone line is local to you and your business if you wish.

Who do I talk to about any issues?
You can call your Australian account manager directly on (02) 8216 0749. We have an office in Circular Quay in Sydney, so you have access directly to an Australian to solve an issues.