About Us

Corporate Business Consultancy PTY Ltd gives you an excellent opportunity to expand your business network throughout the world with the help of its I-Staffing services. Our I-Staff members will help you in reducing your administrative cost and grow your business by working effectively.

I-Staff is a service that offers everybody including smart and savvy business people the ability to reduce their cost, grow their business and even give them some more free time, all through hiring an I-Staff member. They are a dedicated staff member who work just for you. So you have nothing to worry about except how to have your I-Staff make money for you.

You can choose from MBA's, MC's and many more Masters qualified applicants. And the best part. It will only cost you $15,000 per year! That's less than 28% of what a normal administrative staff member costs to hire in Australia.

I-Staffing came into existence with the motto of helping people or businesses, with their less productive and repetitive work, so that they can concentrate on much important and productive jobs. The I-Staff hired by the CBC gives you total freedom from boring, repetitive and less productive jobs. After assigning the roles to the virtual assistants, your company can start working on its innovative million dollar ideas, and thus, make the most of their precious time.

Our I-Staffing provides assistance to every type of organization, whether is it small, medium or large. CBC provides well qualified and highly experienced I-Staff members who can work on a full or part time, permanent or freelance basis. Hiring an I-Staff member or an offshore staff from CBC not only saves a lot of money, but it also fuels your success and ambition.