International Franchising in Pakistan

Potential of franchising in Pakistan can be measured against the fact that the country’s population has been exceptionally receptive towards international franchise brands. Even International Franchising concept is new to Pakistan’s 182 million population, they seem to love it over local brands. Long queues of diners, at 1 AM, outsides franchise food outlets in Pakistan, not only portrays the potential in this sector but also shows the trend in shoppers’ spending, which is a bonanza for franchising brands.
Brands like Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, KFC, TGI Friday’s, Subway, The Body Shop, Nacho Nana’s, Gloria Jean’s, Hardee’s, Fatburger, Burger King, Taco Maker, The Begal Bar, Smoothie Factory, Second Cup Coffee, Menchie’s, Coffee Planet, Doner Kebab, Levi’s, Debenhams, Nike, Adidas, Next, Mothercare, Mango, Hyper Mart and many more are already reaping benefits of above trends in Pakistan. Franchising in Pakistan is still in the early stage of its life cycle and is highly lucrative for upcoming brands. As they say “early birds get the worm”.
The non-food sectors such as retailing, hotels & motels, convenience stores, security services, courier service, educational institutes and training centres are going to be the growth areas of the future. A mind blowing fact is that there will be 50 million new users of internet and mobile phone in next 5 years. This can provide ample idea to the world that how fast Pakistan’s economy is growing.
As any successful International franchising brand knows that effective roll out, by engaging local experts is imperative. Corporate Business Consultancy extends it support to International Franchises to efficiently launch in Pakistan. With the combination of our local & international experts, we have been highly successful in delivering excellent results, in the franchising sector of Pakistan. To know more, fill in the form on your right, and we will contact you.