franchisingFranchising Business was previously associated with countries like US, UK , Canada and Australia but recently the concept has started emerging in Pakistan as well and now Franchising Business is gaining a lot of fame and becoming increasingly appealing not only to the nation of Pakistan, who are enjoying new brands, Food Chains but also to the investors and businessmen here.

Although the franchising in Pakistan is not an old concept but it is emerging very fast here as compared to the other businesses. The reason for its resounding success in such a short time is the availability of quality products in such reasonable price. From investor’s point of view investing in franchising business is a total win-win situation as the brands will enter in Pakistan with a solid reports and will sell fast as the name speaks for itself. In addition to that the business strategy and recipe will be given by the franchisers themselves, so the success of business is assured in advance. On top of it, the experts of CBC are here to help you deliver in a professional way to make your franchise a success. If we take a look at the recent trend of franchising and its success in Pakistan then Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, Nandos, are favourite among Pakistani people especially in the young crowd.

The non-food sector is also growing in the same pace and is being liked all over Pakistan. A lot of brands and hotel chains have stepped in and gained popularity in Pakistan during the last few years like Debenhams, Mango, Mothercare, Next, Nine West, The Body Shop, Marriott, Avis, Hertz etc

If we look at the Pakistani market, there are so many franchise opportunities available here ranging from food franchises to retail franchises. There are a number of retail franchises such as Coco, Flip Flop Shops, LA group, Retro Fitness etc. Services franchises are also finding a way to enter the Pakistani market. So, the market is open for investing in any of the Franchise which has not yet come in Pakistani market and makes your business successful by investing in it and making Pakistan grow and prosper at the same time.

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