Top 5 Most Popular Online Games for Women


This is the list you were looking for! It contains the top 5 most popular online games for women. You’ll find free online browser games as well as massively multiplayer online role-playing games in this list.

Gaming Tastes of Women Vs. Men

If you compare gaming tastes of women vs. men, you might be or might not be surprised because for every gamer type you will find a woman or man who represents this type. You will find women who like console games, smartphone games, PC games or browser games. Nevertheless, many women are casual gamers and are higher likely to play smartphone games or browser games. But times are changing and the portion of women playing console games or PC games is rising. The reason for the popularity of browser and smartphone games among women could be explained by the fact that a big portion of console and pc games are targeted at men rather than women and smartphone or browser game developers early entered the market of female gaming.

Top 5 Most Popular Online Games for Women

Bejeweled 2

This game is a classic puzzle video game which was developed by PopCap and was first released for browser and then also entered the smartphone market. In Bejeweled 2 the screen is filled with seven different jewels and you can exchange neighboring jewels in order to create horizontal or vertical lines of minimum three similar jewels. The jewels will disappear if you created a line of at least three jewels.



Farmville is a browser game which was created by Zynga and was mainly played via Facebook. It is a simulation where players have to build farms online where they can also play with their Facebook friends. At the beginning of the game the users get a farm which is 12×12 spaces large. Here they can start farming to get more FarmCoins. From planting the seeds to harvesting crops can take two hours to four days. With the FarmCoins gained from harvesting the crops the users can plant new seeds, decorate the farm or enlarge it.


But the farmers cannot wait too long with harvesting the crops because when they harvest too late, the crops might not be worth any FarmCoins anymore.

Cooperation is a big part of Farmville and might be a reason for its success. Friends who own neighboring farms can help harvesting the crops. The cooperation and the competition among friends made this game very successful and it is one of the most popular Facebook games ever.

Crosswords and Sudoku

These games are very well known and are played by women and men around the globe. You can find Sudoku and Crosswords in magazines and newspapers but they also made their way to the internet where they are played by gamers of any gender and almost every age group. That is why these games are among the top 5 most popular online games for women.


Cake Shop 2

In Cake Shop 2 you slip into the shoes of a pastry chef. You have to run a shop and sell as many cakes as possible. While playing this game you will definitely train your reaction because many customers will come to the counter and demand a cake which you have to make on the spot. You will see a picture of the cake the customer demands and then you will have to make it with the right elements. If you make a mistake you have start again. You can play this game on sites like Big Fish Games or AddictingGames and this game will guarantee you some fun.


World of Warcraft

This very popular MMORPG was created by the US game factory Blizzard Entertainment and it might be surprising that it is popular among women but when you start playing this game you will encounter many female players and the number of female World of Warcraft players is rising. WoW might be one of the most popular online games ever and it has 5.5 million players around the world. The aim of the game is to finish quests and many of the tasks are only possible with the help of other players. Unlike other online games, this game is not free and you have to pay a monthly subscription.


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